Monday, June 16, 2008

Starting point ......

Hello everybody,

after some earlier blog startups this is the newest and most general one focusing on how we can create a better future through good decisions today.

Not an easy task as we all know and experience day by day.

Often a small and almost unnoticable change has massive impact on the system in question (or other ones, such as foreign economies, countries) after some time has gone by. Do we see that kind of change valuable?

More often we act with a "big bang" in order to change things (or systems, people, countries) and somehow nothing really changes. Right after the "big bang" something changes as we see and then -somehow not understandable- everythings goes back to "normal" (as it was before).

After almost 10 years in the business world, mostly not in managerial positions, I sense that organizations try to change everything just to be in motion instead of creating lasting value and wealth for their clients, customers and themselves. Perhaps they don't see what is truely happening - pretty much as I only know what I know.

It needs reflection and dialogue with oneself and with the help of others.

Because of this and the rising need to get in dialogue with people who are likeminded trying to do things in a sustainable way I started a special interest discussion group about "Lean Thinking" at XING about two years ago.

The response was and constantly is quite overwhelming and it is good to see that the topic is on the radar of certain people around the whole world (from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, Great Britain, Spain, France, Brazil, Germany, you name it).

Nevertheless the focus with Lean Thinking all too often narrows down to just the manufacturing side (processes and organizations). Is that really everything that drives people all over the world?

The world is driven by a greater need of humans to create an enjoyable life.

After dealing with recurring production process problems in my last job for quite some time I was introduced by John Sterman to the field of System Dynamics which lead to further insight why the above happens all the time all over the place.

And as one piece leads to another I ended up finding myself in Muscat, Oman, for the 3rd SoL Global Forum which has been organized by Peter Senge and SoL and from there learned about Frauke Godat and the HUB.

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