Friday, February 26, 2010

Simple Containers into Awesome Design Objects

People working in the CoWorking area always need inspiring spaces - don't they? For me at this applies fully. Places of historic touch, crazy stuff, that is mind-blowing or unusual spaces like a tree-house have a positive impact on human thinking.
CoWorking seen as the first step for CoDesigning & CoCreating the future we want to be part of needs at first a space. Often it started in coffee houses then moved into housing spaces and then refurbished industrial heritage buildings. There always is a need of low-cost space.
So you would ask, "What are other alternatives?"
Containers? Oh, no. Too dull and dark. Crappy and worn down.
Not quite so as you can clearly see here
(Copyright: Bridgette)

What is your ultimate place for working in the future? What is constraining to make it reality?
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