Sunday, October 17, 2010

Change always happens with(in) us first

A few days ago I had an hour long conversation with a dear friend from Dresden. And we came across the turmoil people talk about here in the area around Dresden and what they would wish to be better (in their life, work, and community environment). On the other hand their personal drive and passion doesn't force them to change (yet).

The question arouse: Why so?

How can we make our vision clear where to go and what could be achievable - by cutting through the woods of life?

Going back 21 years, when the Wall opened and shortly thereafter came down, a new system was imposed on the area that formerly was the GDR. People had to change, actually for the second time after the disruptive moves after the war, and sometimes from one to the other day you could be without a job. Actually there would be no job in your city or region sometimes and you quickly had to adapt to this expontially changing world around you where you have live for decades in pretty stable ways.

EdgarSchein calls the necessity for change "disconforming information". Something has be different as people want it to be. This only opens the window for making the change possible. What if the person remembers other times in the past that have been even more disrupting (like the coming down of the Wall). Does that mean they would see and feel an urge to change their current situation?

You perceive the situation is not as it should be (from what your values are), however all is running "smoothly" in a way. Your hear, "It running o.k., but it could be better". You get along as well, using your personal networks nowadays again more in the way you did before the re-unification where a strong network of social network ties helped to get along the tough life situations without moving really out of the dip.

So you might think change wouldn't be possible here in the area?

Certainly not - we all have the power and potential inherently in ourselves, we -together- just have to unleash them to create the world around us, we truly seek.
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