Thursday, March 17, 2011

Humans are Quite Like Electrons

...whooshing back and forth, sometimes drawn in and pulled to some new place in time and space.

Today the 5th day is slowly passing away, lots of the companies presenting their products for the experiments of the roughly 7.000 physicists here at the campus of the TU Dresden. Tonight the final public lecture, which is BTW public for everybody, will take place at HSZ01 (Audimax at Fritz-Förster-Platz). It will be about seriousness of scientific research - what a timely issue as the German Minister of Defense had to step back from office a couple of weeks back due to not follow these rules in doing his PhD.

And this is the strange thing which occurs when life is getting exiting: there seem to be more opportunities around than one could tackle.

Besides this talk tonight there is a talk about "Whether internationally well-known arts institutions like the Semperoper need marketing" and the FEP-Lounge at Fraunhofer FEP Institute.

Question: where should the "human electron" go?

Is it possible to switch between the three events?

Certainly not in standard means of communication or better said transportation. Teleportation would be the next big thing that comes to my mind. Anything in between, feasible right now and then?

Why not? Twitter, a crazy and amongst marketing experts and physicists not widely used or known communication tool of our days, could help out. Being at one space and at the same time being virtually in another one, getting a glance of what is happening there.

Staying connected via #DPG11 #feplounge #Semperoper - a real live experiment in the physics context!

Are you being part of the experiment? Welcome to this new experience between arts, physics, conferencing, and business :-)

... and so we leave this awesome and inspiring place with some impressions [video to follow shortly]

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