Friday, July 29, 2011

No Vacation for Innovators

Even though the summer has caught everybody - relaxing life in the city, politicians on holidays, everybody awaiting the next big things to happen after the summer pause - something is happening in the "small" city of Dresden. [size compared with its bigger "sister cities" in the Silicon Valley]

In the midst of Neustadt, at a small café, Café Combo, new ideas are bred on how Dresden will become the next attractive hotspot (which it BTW already is) known to the world outside of Saxony and Germany. The two "crazy guys" are well under way, and have gathered quite a remarkable crowd from all across the globe around them to make that happen. It seems like in the Asterix stories, all economic innovation is doomed by state funding and large corporations, yet there are small pockets of innovative and creative folks in the City of Dresden who stand up and go another way - towards collective cooperation and bringing the power of social networks back from the Web down to the cobblestoned streets of good old Dresden.

Due to an U.S. embassy report in 2008 "In 2007, this number [US American tourists in Saxony] increased to 57,958 (as part of groups of 9 or more) who stayed a total of 140,424 nights" (by U.S. Consulate General Leipzig. November 2008). Similar numbers are probably to be taken into  account for numerous other countries where people due to the shiny glare of Berlin and Prague are not yet aware of the beauty of Dresden.

How on earth can one explore the hidden beauty of Dresden apart from its obvious and most impressive museums, opera house (Semperoper) in just a few days? Even after 18 years of being part of the City I find every day new unseen surprises, such as DRESDENconcept, SLUB, The Heide (the park-like green outskirts spreading from Neustadt up North), or many other small spots of interest.

To attract curious visitors to not only come to Dresden yet to co-create the future of this awesome place with remarkable citizens, is what #InnoBay is about.

What can you help to make this dream become true? Ranging from connecting with the right people, visiting the city, meeting with Dresdener (tonight, 29th of August, at 7pm there is a TweetUp at MAX Altstadt am Postplatz - you are heartily invited to come along), to sponsoring the trip to Silicon Valley and make the first German screening of Transcendent Man in Dresden to become true. Check out our InnoBay group on Facebook

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