Thursday, August 11, 2011

... this is just the beginning!

When vision hits the fertile ground of forthinkers, supporters, and entrepreneurial minds, it not only sparks innovation rather it fuels PASSION.

With passion in what you see is possible the inventors and innovators we look up to in the past have fulfilled their dreams. In these accelerating and most intense times we collectively experience now at this very moment there is so much we collaboratively can achieve for the future.

Crossing the boundaries of disciplines, languages, and cultures will be foundation for doing the impossible.

Every start of this kind of journey has been as small as unnoticed by the larger crowd. Only the modern communication infrastructure has lowered the transaction costs to connect globally so much easier as in the times of air mail and phone communication.

Taken at Puro Beach, Dresden
Congratulations to Singularity University's 3rd year of GSP (Graduate Students Program) on which I had a space this summer. I will come soon that is for sure - cheers to all and especially Peter Diamandis (with his more then inspiring lecture, "The Best Way to Create the Future is to Create it Yourself"), Ray Kurzweil and our short chat in summer 2010 here in Dresden, and last but not least Dr. Lucy Rogers, who vividly spread the word from #SingularityU.

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