Sunday, June 22, 2008

Team Academy - management school without teachers

Hi everybody,

today I have stepped across a totally different topic: new ways of management training.

A couple of weeks ago while participating in the 3rd SoL Global Forum in Mucscat, Oman, I met some folks from a -generally seen- pretty crazy management school in Finland. Just a few minutes ago I got an invitation to the starting event of Teamfactory in Paris.

What Team Academy is basically about is: 

When you enter Team Academy on your first day there everything we think goes on in a management school turns out to be upside-down. Right from the start you are "thrown" into the business wilderness (what some of us experience only after some years of studying, visiting lectures, writing examens - not really knowing what it is to be in the "real business world") and start off as "entrepreneurs" on their own. They start their own business -of course with some help in the background (there are several thousand business angles, coaches, experts they can call during their "business journey" on things to solve) and learn in this way the lessons for the coming business world.

Recently the concept is expanded to France where Teamfactory is being on the start and there are already (how could it be different in these times;-)) connections to the Team Academy folks and some mentors who see the strong benefits for either the people engaged in the program as well as for society.

For the 15th anniversary Peter Senge has given a video speech.

Looks like this concept has some inherent beauty and I wonder which other programs are around on the globe fostering the entrepreneurship.


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