Friday, April 20, 2012

BMW meets the Change Accelerators

Meeting the Change Accelerators, and it's not just this one ;-) More on the WIRED UK & BMW i featured stories.

Salim Ismail (2nd, lower row), Global Ambassador of Singularity University, a multi-disciplinary think tank bringing together the brightest minds for a 10-week summer bootcamp from around the world at #GSP12

Rachel Armstrong (3rd upper row), Living Material Innovator, TED Fellow, living and researching in Venice, where in June 18 - 22 June the IoT (Internet of Things) Week 2012 takes place

.. to just name the two who have inspired me quite a bit, and last but not least BMW Plant Leipzig. The five years there, 2003-2008, building up processes from scratch, and most certainly often by using disruptive, and innovative approaches still stick, and shape my thinking, and acting towards #abundance.

On board for building a connection with Silicon Valley, and scale your business up? What's bothering you?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Uncanny Opera Surprise

Opera singer Malesha Jessie - connecting with the crowd, the community, and future audience. Just amazing, and breathtaking.

When the soul gets touched :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abundance is Everywhere!

For all who try to figure out, and understand who they truly are.
Für alle, die versuchen zu verstehen, wer sie wirklich sind.


Creative Realitator, believing in the possibility of abundance 
enabling human creativity facilitating the collective acting towards a bigger goal.

Ralf Lippold, 2012-04-05