Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Crazy Idea - Collective MindEyes

People often call me the "Crazy Guy" as I seem to mess around
lots of diverse and not connected (looking) fields.

Not too many ask me what is driving me, though;-(

If they would they would hear a short answer:

"Because I love to learn and connect the findings into co-create better solutions together with people"

It is fun to do it (learning:-)) and yet our education systems in the world don't
foster that curiousity and so the workplace doesn't as well.

People who have new ideas on how things could be resolved (in
a sustainable way) will -at least in the present system we are in-
always be on the edge as there ideas and spoken word seem too

We should narrow the forces of creativity together and co-create
in working thoroughly together (across education, cultural and 
language barriers).

What needs a city be to be your most beloved one to live and work in?

Mine is definitely Dresden and this is the place where in the 
future to come creative and visionary minds find, work and live together.

There will be events coming soon, so keep yourself informed through

LockSchuppen in Action and dreaming of the FUTURE:-)

When are you coming to LockSchuppen?



PS.: What does your dream city location look like?