Saturday, September 26, 2009

Google's Project 10ToThe100

One could think there are different independent streams of activities and your activity is merely connected to the rest. People would glance at your idea and think, "This is crazy. We never had that in the past. That won't work in our country or our business."

You still believe in your dream and vision. You keep the creative tension despite you get "negative" feedback from your peers, potential investors and also your possible clients.

You in the meanwhile look for possible possibilities to make the dream reality.

A year goes past and you slightly have forgotten about reading the following from
Finnish friends:

Google 10 Years! Monkey Business Congratulates!

From there the idea of establishing Team Lea(r)ning Experience emerged.

Entering the businss plan competition FutureSAX in 2008 emerged into what is now called LockSchuppen (after having met RainerWasserfuhr during a XING networking event in March)