Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Caux Round Table - wonder what this is?


a few weeks ago while getting an email from a dear friend from Australia he mentioned that he is giving a talk at the Caux Round Table after finishing his holidays of about three weeks in Europe.

Somehow the name "CAUX ROUND TABLE" struck my head and I remembered that I must have heard and read about earlier this year, not quite sure in which context. Some short searching in my recently bought books (Real Lean by Bob Emiliani) and the postings at the Lean Thinking group brought positive outcome.

I had read about the Caux Round Table earlier!

What has struck me is the fact that someone from Australia is coming up to Europe to give a talk there and on the other hand this initiative is pretty unknown (to my personal experience) and not spoken about in Europe or Germany.

The interesting main point of the Caux Round Table Principles for Business (1994):


The Caux Round Table believes that the world business community should play an important role in improving economic and social conditions. As a statement of aspirations, this document aims to express a world standard against which business behavior can e measured. We seek to begin a process that identifies shared values, reconciles differing values, and thereby develops a shared perspective on business behavior acceptable and honored by all.

These principles are rooted in two basic ethical ideals: kyosei and human dignity. The Japanese concept of kyosei means living and working together for the common good enabling cooperation and mutual prosperity to coexist with healthy and fair competition. "Human dignity" refers to the sacredness or value of each person as an end, not simply as a mean to the fulfillment of others' purposes or even majority prescription..."

The focus definitely lies on the people side that business leaders so often underestimate in their local turfs.

How can we get started to achieve what we truly want? (and that is definitely not more money in the pocket alone - either for organizations or people in general).

If it doesn't make sense to you yet please state so while commenting on it.



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