Monday, November 3, 2008

CO2 Reduction through Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams, a speciality of todays global economy;-)

Have you been part of such already? What was your feeling?
What should be different, so you feel really relaxed and can
work in a flow manner?

Even though everybody is talking about the global economy,
this is mostly done in terms of producing something at the far
opposite side of the globe for a cheaper price, then redistribute
this back with logistics costs (currenty going towards zero, despite
the price and scarceness of fossil fuel supplies).

Wouldn't it be a choice idea (actually we can make the choice happen;-)) to work in a different
style? How about switching the unions' demand for higher wages into something like providing
means to earn some money besides your standards 9-5-job? Could be even worth while for the production worker - they are pretty smart, just ask them and you will realize that pretty fast;-))

Just a few new ideas around the Knowledge Worker 2.0.

Cheers, Ralf
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