Friday, August 20, 2010

Language - the bottom line to understand each other

Hello everybody,

Today while having a meeting at IBM, a colleague asked me about a cup of coffee. I said, "Sure! Please with lots of milks". Two minutes later he has come back with a cup filled up to the edge and a pot of milk. In my mind I thought, "Shoot, that was a mixup of two different mental models that were outspoken and understood despite the same words crossed the air".

So even though you name the same thing or process others not necessarily see or understand exactly the same.

The same is true the other way round. I got "The Power of PULL" just two days ago, reading heavily into it.  It doesn't really talk about Lean Thinking, and yet I feel it in every single line while reading it.

Wouldn't be the ultimate Lean Thinking approach to connect all the approaches that are in practice that focus on similar (or same) principles of Lean Thinking? In general it's about people, knowledge sharing and growing, transparency in order to improve the whole (a holistic view).

What comes to your mind?
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