Monday, August 9, 2010

Thoughts overcoming the speechless owner

About two years ago I commented on OttoScharmer's blog entry that was dealing with Attentional Violence. Now after reconnecting with a friend via Skype while he is currently on Cape Cod attending a workshop on group facilitation my memories brought me back to my blog comment (which you may read in completeness).

  1. Don’t force change
  2. Get into a relationship with people where they can feel safe to express their ideas and assumptions (without fearing to be turned down)
  3. Let the process decide, whether the agenda is useful or the dialog is more useful
  4. Step back in your role as “teacher” even though that his sometimes hard (as in a sense to give up power to the group)
  5. Open up time constraints, if the process needs more time!

What would have been your tactics in a similar situation?
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