Friday, December 31, 2010

... a few thoughts for a finishing year

2010 is just having an open gap of a few minutes. ChrisBrogan has inspired me just a couple of minutes ago to do similar (not just copy & paste).
For me there are also three ways to reflect about the past 365 days.

Put down your thoughts
Tell the world your accomplishments
Do a PresencingStatus (as learned by OttoScharmer)

    1. Thoughts about the past and how they connect to this very last day of the year
    • This morning I learned from a mate in the Singularity Network on Facebook that he got Lyme-Disease (after 1.5 year undiscoverage). Reminded me of my own fight with that some eight years ago - and the power of experts who know only about their specific fields. Enabling the open flow of knowledge sharing will be the future.
    • After the new director, Dr. UlrikeHessler, had taken over operation of the Semperoper. A personal visit to the Day of the Open Door at Semperoper, and got hooked on something my mother some twenty years back tried to teach me. The learner only learns when the learner is ready to learn!
    These small unnoticed events are what I am passionate about, helping friends and clients. These kind of events fill me with grace when I see that felt problem emerges into a future chance due to minor interventions. So in the end it is a win-win-win situation!

    2. This year's two accomplishments that have taken place are around my broader vision to "create a place where people truly can play to their strengths and skills" (as stated on 14th of January 2009 up at TeamAcademy in Jyväskylä during a leadership workshop, verified by a dear friend).
    • In spring we managed to get a 800 sqm ballroom for three months (for free (!)) to prototype new forms of working, which is called CoWorking. All started with somebody asking one (!) day before Xmas in 2009 whether I would know some space to run a birthday party for 50 people. He asked me, because I am somewhat connected in the city of Dresden, whether I would know some place. I couldn't (rather let the problem stay on his side, as well as the solution) and told him a name that is active in the party life in Dresden. The story in short seen here. It turned out that this guy happened to come over to our office, LockOffice, back in January. I asked whether the other one had phoned him. And yes, he had done so and they had the party in the ballroom (that actually was not open to the public). This arouse my curiosity even further when I was sort of forced to leave the LockOffice end of April. So we moved into a beautiful ballroom in the first week of May, and called it CoOrpheum. The story ended now as a new tenant entered the game after the creatives had created the foundation and visibility as well as put some "stones" of the past out of the way (in conversations with city officials). 
    • The second accomplishment I remember very well of the past year went jointly together with the visit of RayKurzweil at the 4th Dresden Future Forum, where I held a workshop together with RainerWasserfuhr about LongBetOne. We met RayKurzweil in person and he wished us all the best for the ambitious goal of implementing a European hot spot on the emerging technological advances, SingularAcademy. I deeply have to thank MarcellaGaeb and ThomasKoeplin for making this all possible!!!
    • People whom I am thankful to have met
    3. The final PresencingStatus of the year 2010:
    • Good: staying with persistence on track to make my vision to become reality 
    • Tricky: dealing with all the turmoil around the CoOrpheum, within the existence and the closing
    • Learned: the right people who can help come up sometimes from areas where you least expect them
    • Action: take the job I have been offered the week before Xmas, I have the gut feeling this is a fit for both sides

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    Ralf Lippold said...

    Two months into the new year. The job mentioned in last line of PresencingStatus hasn't turned out. New things have come up, such as, some struggling around putting my accumulated knowledge not only into practice but also into money and a living.

    Pursuing to plough through the rough waters of life with the constant joy of getting surprised by dear friends from somewhere in the universe (networks spread all over the globe ;-)) in an instant:-)