Friday, December 24, 2010

Go Slow to See Far and Close - Merry Xmas and a Good Time

Over the past week some amazing things have happened in my life. What I never thought to become true, bringing the idea of TeamAcademy to Dresden has been called upon me from quite a different place in Germany ("Thanks a lot for the phone call on Friday last week!"). As many of you know I do quite an amazing lot of things ranging from becoming an opera enthusiast, harnessing my helping capabilities for individuals and organizations (which is not always easy admit), being active restlessly in different social networks ("When does he work when he jumping around everywhere and nowhere?" - that is one question I get again and again, friends, clients, even people I just know via the web), connecting people when I see the potential of them working/ talking together for the greater good, .... and countless more. It sometimes disturbes people what I do, as it seems just too much for others.

Should we therefor stop to being ourselves?

Everybody has his or her very special super powers. Mine have evolved actively over the course of many years. It has become networking across boundaries (bringing people together for good who would never know about each other), multitaskingly "swimming" in different ponds of knowledge (that on the surface from what you see, read, and experience in your life seemingly are un-connected).

It all boils down to create an environment where people can thrive to what they really are. ViktorFrankl, survivor of the Holocaust, who's name I read in OttoScharmer's book "Theory U - Leading from the Future as it Emerges." with a short inspiring speech.

How to get there? Can I do it, and how should I get to put my inner strengths joyfully at work?

Take the "Minimalist Workday" as my present for the coming future.

There are ways to master the art of time, and the best way to do that is to become a hunter. A hunter spots opportunities and greets them ... this, above all else is the winning strategy for working less.

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