Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Genius Within us Needs to be Nurtured

About Teasing (taken from Gordon MacKenzie's 'Orbiting the Giant Hairball', right page top drawing)

"... But I think that when you teased your co-worker, friend, neighbor about the level of his/her creativity ability, you are holding up a stop sign that said: STOP Risking! STOP Growing! STOP Sharing! STOP Living! - Because when you finally stop living, you will no longer be a threat to me." (slightly changed quote from page 122)

Teasing is the death through thousand cuts - the teased one will be strong for long, only to eventually kick in and "die" at one point (seemingly surprising to others).

Please rethink next time you are about to belittle a friend's idea, how you feel when somebody tells your cool idea is grap, and not worth to be followed ahead! And STOP your mouth opening up!

Creative genius is in all of us, yet often pretty pre-mature. Look for the people, who can help you to grow this precious piece within you that only you, and some sensitive people (gone through similar stages) can see, and reflect to you.

Many BIG THANKS go to all my mentors, whether they know about it knowingly or whether they just reflected on my sometimes "crazy sounding" ideas to get the focus clearer.

Who are your mentors in life who have helped you in finding your PASSION? What made them so?
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