Saturday, September 21, 2013

Così fan tutte ossia La scuola degli amanti

In a few days Szene12, a young music-theather experiment, brings on the stage of the Hochschule für bildende Künste (Günzstraße 34) Mozart's opera buffa "Così fan tutte".

© Szene12
A young team of professionals will guide the public into a modern-setting of an opera which premiere is dated back in 1790. The stage looks like a modern sitcom, and cameras are capturing moments of life on stage, and behind it. All is displayed for audience visibility at a large screen which will hold other surprises on the performance days. A new way to discover Mozart suited to everybody (opera lovers and non). An experience to share with the whole family. A chance to see how "Così fan tutte"'s life is seen through today's eyes.
The expectations of those who are used to a traditional performance could perhaps remain unfullfilled, or opened for new levels of art enjoyment.

© Szene12
Actually, in young director Toni Burghard Friedrich's "Così fan tutte" there is not only Mozart, but a lot more. As per Mr. Burghard Friedrich, "In my 'Così fan tutte', the American sitcom meets the European Opera". From this meeting come out funny scenes, hilarious moments and a new interpretation of an opera not yet seen here in Dresden.

In the true Mozart spirit, "Così fan tutte" by Szene12 shows in our today's world that time passes by but the human nature does not change. 

Bring your mobile phone, get on Twitter, adjust your camera, and do not lose the chance to play with!

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