Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Trip Around the World and .....?

before and while doing so learn to help client
organizations for sustainably coping with com-
plex and dynamic challenges?

Team Academy in Jyväskylä has a similar slogan
"...learn some marketing on the way".

If you are interested to join the learning community,
then send me a note stating answers to the following:

Where have I been?
Where am I now?
Where am I going?
How do I get there?
How do I know that I have reached my goals?

Team Academy Dresden - the future begins today

See you around if the above appeals to you.

Best regards


PS.: The base will be Dresden and yet there is already a net-
work of Team Academies, Team Factories, in Spain, Nether-
lands, France, Finland (the starting point 16 years ago).

Please give me a notice if you would like to join, even though
you are not based in Dresden - we will make the undoable reality

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