Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parks seldom start big - they grow

Happy New to all. May all your dreams fulfill during the course of the coming 365 days :-)

As I have moved into 2011 quite effortless, no big party, just listening to a superb concert
from Semperoper which was live-streamed, there was not more than letting things come.
Do we know what is calling us? Sometimes we have a feeling, more often we just don't
have a clue.

So totally empty in my head, I organized some bags with stuff from the "lost" venue CoOrpheum.

Surprise! JaneJacobs' "The Economy of Cities" got into my hands and off my thoughts were this past afternoon. Quoted from it, "Furthermore, the most meteoric rises (started at almost nothing) occur in new activities".

Would you have thought that the "Große Garten" in Dresden would look like that  two hundred years back?

As small as your first step towards your dream may look like just start and you will see what can emerge with some patience!

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