Tuesday, January 18, 2011

... thoughts written down in January 2009

In January 2009, the Presencing Institute Community hardly had opened, I posted a comment on OttoScharmer's initial question on whether the new PI toolbox would be useful in daily work. With a recent experience around a possible future role that sort of was tailored for my person, becoming head of social media and boundary crossing, this old entry "called  me up" when opening the PI Community [given link here is outdated, therefore here the new on Presencing Institute, 2015-02-03] website:

"..People who know me better know about my passion to vision away to the "big ultimate" vision (not possible today;-)) and make them shaky. Even though it is difficult to keep the pace down (for me a real challenge, especially when I talk with people who are also as crazy visionaries;-)), boiling my thinking and talking down to easier achievable goals makes the other ones feel more comfortable. 

This leads often (not always) to new insights and thoughts on their side, which they then articulate.

The PI toolbox works fine (probably) when people have already some sense about the raw direction where to go (can be really broad). On the other hand, I always get ???s when mentioning the Theory U process, as it is for most people (at least the ones, I mostly talk to with engineering background) not concrete enough (they are used to numbers and predictable output).

A special framework reach out to these environments (especially middle-managers and employees) would be excellent. What are the thoughts and ideas on that?

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PS.: For anybody interested in Theory U - like stories, have a look at Gordon MacKenzie's "Orbiting the Giant Hairball" - easy and fun to read:-)..."

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