Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amplify Festival 2011 - DAY 2

Hi everybody,

This has been a second day pretty much as it could have been at Singularity University: "Blowing your mind ideas" (and it is going on for another three days here in Sydney, before moving to Melboune to #gathering11)

Todays actions were beautifully streamed on the plasma screen on the 25th floor of AMP - next time I'd love to see multitouch-oriented walls around and augmented. Perhaps we could get Sensory-Minds involved as sponsor and speaker - what do you thing Annalie?

Twitterstream as could be seen today between 7:45am - 5pm

To mention just a few distinguished speakers of todays sessions and meetings:

John Hagel - researching on the true change really comes from >>> Guess what? It's PASSION
John Smart - have you thought about creating your beloved "CyberMom"? - you should start NOW
Nigel Cameron - distinguished Washington-based think tank leader  (just be bit curious and explore the links - they don't bite ;-))
Amplify Festival 2011 - ghostwriting for those is someone call "naD" ;-)
Barry Vercoe - now moved back to Australia MIT Media Lab rock-star bring the OLPC (One Laptop per Child) to Australia (besides other countries - what a vision for future of EDUCATION :-)
Gunter Pauli - Awesome work on the "sideline" showing what "lean thinking" is really all about - doing more with less, creating more value with less resources :-)

... 10 min left and no power socket around in eyesight of nearest free WiFi venue - Cheers Mates, see you all in the morning :-)


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