Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cinderella: Who says it is only for children?

25/06/2011 afternoon. Sitting in Semper 2 diretcly in the scene, I patiently wait that Cinderella starts, not knowing exactly what it's expecting me! A string on the floor delineates the space in front of me, separating the audience from the stage, a kindly request to leave the space free. A few minutes of patience and all will start I repeat in my mind...just a few minutes more and you will be guided in a new dimension, a fairy-tale demension. Actually, looking around me, I'm not the only adult here. Most of the audience is made by grown-ups. Is this Cinderella a fairy-tale for adults?

The lights are switched off, the show starts!

Three funny dancers appear on stage: they are the Stepmother and the two Stepsisters. They move like one mind in three bodies, through their excellent dancing abilities they express feelings and emotions (I always find interesting to see how dancers give voice to emotions without saying one word but using only body and mimic, not and easy job I must say!Congratulations to Raphael Coumes-Marquet -Stepmother - Claudio Cangialosi and Jon Vallejo - Stepsisters - for the great job done). This trio made me really laugh and brought me back to my childhood when all around seemed to be easy and "normal".

Copyright: Costin Radu
Then Cinderella come on scene, a beautiful and excellent dancer (Anna Merkulova). Ralf told me she is good and after seeing her dancing with my own eyes, I can only confirm she really is. Light in movements and able to communicate emotions, she made my heart beat and stop beating according to the "moment" she brought on stage.

All the show lasted one hour but to me it seemed like one day, I felt into the action and lived phisycally the turn of day and night.

All dancers made a great job! Congratulation!

What more...great scenography made of few items, leaving enough room to the performance. Lovely the funny wig weared by the Stepmother and the Stepsisters, it helped them to enter into the role.

Beautiful music, loving Tchaikovsky it could not be different!

I really enjoyed the show and at the end of it I can say that Cinderella is a fairy-tale for adults too. The desires, feelings and emotions performed on stage are part of our daily life. When we are children we do not have eyes to see them, too ingénue for them but once we become adults we recognize them and we can choose which role we want to play on the life stage, if Stepmother/Stepsister or Cinderella.

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