Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Matinee der Palucca Hochschule: Today's children are ruling tomorrow's world

It's a bit weird to think that our little children are ruling the world, but this is the truth! In a few years they will physically have the power to decide of their future and of our future. This process, however, is already in progress.

Parents and society always work to create good enviroments for children, what about working to create good children for enviroments? (with enviroments I do not mean nature only but all the different aspects of society).

26/06/2011 Sunday morning - Semperoper. The Palucca Hochschule fuer Tanz has it's annual performance. The Semperoper is full, parents, relatives, friends and curious people are all there to see the show.

The students of the Palucca Hochschule are children and teenagers, not proper adults yet, but we all expect to see a great performance. To be honest the pieces to perform are not so easy!

What we are going to see on stage, it's what in future we will expect from them. They will improve their abilities and make lot of experiences, in the country and abroad, but the seed is already there, in their heart, in their soul. They are already living the future. Their way to move and behave is the mirror of what is to come in a few years. What does it mean? Well, something very easy: if we guide our children towards arts (figurative and/or performing), if we teach them the love for the Beauty, the value to work in a team and to feel a team, we will build their future and give them the correct tools to improve it and live life fully.

This is not an easy task, requires time, hard work, many efforts and waivers but the result is excellent as all the students of the Palucca Hochschule showed us.

At the end of almost two hours performance no one of them looked tired, sad or unsatisfied. They all looked happy for the work done as single dancer and as team and this general satisfying feeling could be felt by the audience. Lots of unending applauses called them back on stage many times. All the times they came back with a wider smile stamped on their faces.

Congratulations to the students, all very talented. Congratulations to the rector Prof. Jason Beechey and to the teachers for the excellent work done. Congratulations to the parents that made this possible (it's not easy today to teach children to love arts and to help them to live their dreams). Congratulations to all the people who help these children to go on and who encouraged them when they most needed support.

The base of adult life is build since we are children as we saw last Sunday morning at Semperoper.

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