Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meeting different cultures opens your mind

A few days ago I was invited to take part to a meeting about the situation in Tunisia and in Syria. Two representative of these countries were there to give us an idea from the inside.

They explaned us that these revolutions were driven by common people, not belonging to the wealthy part of the society and that also women had an important role as men. Mothers, wifes, daughters next to men.

To the question, which was the role of internet in the revolution, they both answered that internet was strictly controlled, that a sort of "copy" of facebook was created to avoid that the information were widespread to the rest of the world.

An important difference between the two countries was made very clear by the Syrian representative. The great importance the media gave to the situation in Tunisia and the lack of interest given to Syria. Why something like this is happening? Is life more important in one country than in another? Why is life not prevented and protected everywhere?

Today a part of the world is fighting for freedom, to see their rights respected.
We are lucky, other peaple fighted for us, to let us live the life we have now. We must never forget that our freedom and our rights are not due, that we have to protect them, that everybody has the right to live the life he/she has alway dreamed about.

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