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Mindblowing Days - Sydney is more than just Down Under ;-)

WORK IN PROGRESS - when reality hits the human mind [too much to capture in just one writing session ;-)]
Sydney Harbour Bridge
DAY 3 - I just imagine, "So much different to a day at Singularity University's Executive Workshop". A mindblowing experience where you certainly think, "Please let me keep in the room and around the folks to grab as much knowledge as a human could possibly grab" - at present rather impossible. Let's find out what sparked me by the speakers listed below:

@amcafee drilled the essentials today down to what Enterprise 2.0 is all about. Reminded me pretty much of my early days at BMW Leipzig. Back in the day (starting the set-up of the plant from 2001) all cutting edge technology like web cams, WiFi, Sametime (as an internal chat tool), Netmeeting (for desktop sharing), etc. were to be tested in the business context. From 2003 when joining the company I happened to become one of the "internal social network super nodes" across functions and departments - now this seems to trickle into the overall corporate world and I am still passionately fulfill this role - this time Down Under connecting thriving Sydney with the rest of world.

AMP host of the Amplify Festival 2011 with its chief creative evangelist Annalie Kilian has truly done an exceptional job on bringing people to the next connecting level across boundaries.

Barry with his true large vision on "One Laptop per Child - in Australia" really inspired the crowd -and myself. Remembering the two 12-year old chaps entering the CoOrpheum back in May 2010 getting on the various there in use mobile devices (Windows-, MacOS-, or Linux-driven) with natural ease. Asking them whether they wouldn't like to take their teacher and class mates over for some short sessions on using this new technology in class. Their answer was, "Oh, forget our teacher can't teach us anything. No use of bringing her here!"

Giving laptops to any child, whether in countryside or cities, would ease work load on teachers on one hand and opens up independent learning for the kids - a WIN-WIN for community and society in whole.

Thanks Barry for taking the initiative and driving it forward!

Debbie showed in her presentation that the 50-year-old ones are the relevant audience of the mobile age. Just not as fast pacing ahead like the youngsters - never mind, solid grounding with life-long experience embedded can establish astonishing results pretty soon ;-) Starting Ultimate Frisbee at age of 38 was not easy for me. Competing with the twens running me out on the field made me often felt behind. However worthwhile overcoming that emotional fear to act in more clever ways will be similar towards the new emerging technology.

As I met Craig William Dunn, CEO of AMP, yesterday as he was sitting beside me in the first morning session checking the Twitterstream on his Blackberry - there are certainly some first-movers in the corporate world. I have met one of those :-)

Ray Kurzweil at 4th Dresden Future Forum in Dresden certainly was a hit. John Smart however, brought this to really new hights.

Disrupting the current thinking!! It was such an inspiring session that I had to see it twice as my mind could not get hold of all and my fingers certainly went short of catching up as well.

Learning about the Chinese Facebook, YouTube and the different user experience that is so-un-Western. Thinking and asking about "When is the 'Black Box' coming to combine the regional social networks, so every culture can stay on its 'own ground' and yet connect?"

Learning form Michael first hand about the achievements of MIT Media Lab reminded me of Amy Smith's D-Lab (also in the "MIT sphere". Just too much to grab - and this happened already on DAY 1. Amplify Festival and this top on the edge crowd like Michael - just too much to grab with "normal mind" - had to use the "twitter mind" to keep track of thoughts ;-) More than 50 tweets a day as I learned today from a friend in Dresden. This is even way too much for some.

Advice on the sideline: don't even try to read all the tweets that are flowing through your timeline ;-) The right ones will find you anyway.

Gunter Pauli certainly was the thrill to what I have been up due to my passion in creating sustainable work environments sparking up people using their brains and creative to put innovative solutions into their daily life (whether work or private) they would've never thought before in their life. Gunter certainly showed in his most inspiring talk what is possible - only reshifting the business model's underlying assumptions and work across the value stream in order to create value at every point of the chain.

James Gardner  made it clear in his workshop session with the iPad - there is added-value to the business world using the iPad (or similar devices like netbooks). So much more handy than PCs or laptops. His talk about disrupting innovations in the "twisting field" certainly inspired not only me.

#SidelineAdvice: when you are stuck with a problem, can't get an inch further, step back, let go, and let your client, customer, or friend weigh in asking her/him the same question you're asking you all the time!

Wow, and now we are down to Lean (Thinking?) with Jim Benson first at the Lean Coffee Session down on 1st floor (on DAY 3 really with around 15 dedicated people from executive level to normal ranks, including John Hagel who played nicely the role of a "co-leader".

Having learned about "The Power of PULL" which John co-authored with John Seely Brown AKA JSP via an interview JSP gave at  a conference in 2010. Following John in the virtual space (like Twitter, Facebook) has given me great insights, new connections, new thinking - now the virtual meeting has finally evolved into the real meeting.

Jon Katzenbach with his talk reminded me very much of Edgar Schein, especially when he mentioned Ed's work. Just too much going on in my head that could be captured by writing. Thanks Jon for your most inspiring talk that made me again feel, "Yes, you never know enough until you embed yourself into the client system working on the same issues or at least stay with the folks on the frontline for a couple of days to capture the underlying culture of the organization"

To be honest I had no chance to visit one of Nigel's sessions what had a fair amount of short chat in the prep room on Monday and on Twitter in between. Sometimes it does not need much to connect with people, you just have a "guts feeling" that this is a "fit":-)

What counts for Nigel also applies for Mike Nelson. Only a few words on Monday, RT once in a while and will have chat tomorrow. Sometimes the connections grow slow and then the meeting is there ;-)

Again it was most inspiring about how far ahead India is in terms of innovation. Sanjay's talk reminded my one of my last system dynamics confererences in Athens in 2008 where a PhD student with family from India was presenting his work about the shift and disruption in the mobile telecommunication market. Seems like the "big shift" is not only coming from this side but as Sanjay made clear also from the educational side. Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur and visiting professor in the Bay Area also talks a lot about India as the coming innovation country.

DAY 4 is about to follow soon - for today that's it (perhaps some honing here over the next couple of hours/ days

LIFE IS WORK IN PROGRESS - so why send out a 100% perfect blog post;-)

Last but not least: to all who wonder why I tweet, facebook so much and in so many directions, here is the reason!
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