Tuesday, February 28, 2012

William Forsythe - Synonym of Modern Ballet in Dresden

Last Saturday 'Ein William Forsythe Abend' premiered at Semperoper Dresden with the extraordinary team of a company, its artistic director, Aaron S. Watkin, can be more than proud:

Semperoper Ballett

Two of its dancers, Istvan Simon and Ian Whalen, can not only be seen on stage bringing the emotions, they are also the video outreach (check out the Semperoper YouTube Channel) and photographs (currently all around the city of Dresden - please indicate the positions where to see in this interactive map [posters have been taken down, so this will be the blank space for the next run]).

"Ein William Forsythe Abend" - Plakate in Dresden auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

In case you missed the performance on Saturday there more to come, next one on (look here).

A very short (and very personal) review in the PresencingStatus format (4 short questions):

Good? A most amazing evening; Getting the last two tickets available; enjoying 2.5 hrs of joy and fun; learning more about William Forsythe's work; enjoying modern ballet once again (after 'Nutcracker' before Christmas);

Tricky? Separated from girlfriend who was seated on ground floor (myself on 4th floor);

Learned? A ballet performance is always unique (going several times to the same only enriches your view on seeing, and experiencing different emotions); modern performances are in Dresden as much appreciated as traditional performances;

Action? Planning to go (at least) once more

.... will we see you at next performances? [On TWITTER follow #Semperoper to get latest, and globally spanne]

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