Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Wonderful Day in Athens

Hello Systemdynamicists!

It's been a while since the previous newsletter, not too much action in the group ("Why is that so?", I would like to ask).

End of July a terrific International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) took place in the beautiful Greek capital, Athens. It was hot outside, nicely temperatured inside (good job of the aircondition!) and the meetings, personal talks, new connections, enjoying Frappés at 2AM in the morning was just inspiring. I can tell everyone who hasn't yet been to an ISDC: Go and let go your thoughts on what you could get out of it. Let the process decide and you will be thrilled:-)

Systemic issues, whether it climate change, banking crisis, vaccination problems in developping countries, are more than ever relevant to our actions in our organizations in whatever position we are acting.

The practical use of system dynamics is therefore sneaking into public vision. The following are a few links and announcements on projects that currently ongoing. Joining in is highly appreciated:
  1. Hazhir Rahmandad, Professor in System Dynamics at Virginia Tech, is looking for collaborative organizations to get students work on complex real-world issues. Through new Web 2.0 collaboration technology even new ways of collaboration across country boundaries seem to be possible. - If you are not sure whether to apply don't hesitate to get in touch with me, as well (especially if based in Germany and Europe).
  2. During the ISDC the SIG Business Roundtable we met and decided to take forward the effort of past years in grounding the connecting of real-world business issues to future ISDCs. Please check-out SIG Business at WikiSD and (if you are a Member of the International System Dynamics Society already) put your ideas, wishes, knowledge there. Only collectively working together sharing knowledge will lead to the change we all would like to see (slightly changed from a quote of Ghandi).
  3. As system dynamics is for most people not the searched for solution and tool to their problems have a look at RealworldSD. Interested in contributing to the blog as a writer? Please indicate so, you are heartily welcomed.
For all of you who are not familiar with the WikiSD (a Wikipedia like open wiki where you can freely (as member of the International System Dynamics Society) can add, edit, expand and write on system dynamics issues that are of relevance to the community of systemdynamicists (the big shots, professors, current students (as I am one right now at WPI, where I do a Master in System Dynamics).

Especially have a look at the Resources at WikiSD [currently not on official System Dynamics Society Websit] to become familiar with the field and what is already published there.

What do you think of setting up a meeting early next year somewhere in Europe (with easy access with rail and air transport) to meet in person and arrange a European SD Meeting, especially around questions on how SD can be more easily made applicaple to thought leaders, the public, in your organizations where you are part of the work force, universities that are not strong in SD, etc.? Love to hear your opinion on that and will open up a new forum in the group.

That should be all for now and I wish you all a lovely weekend with later summer sun and similar temperatures.



[written in summer 2008]
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