Saturday, October 30, 2010

Extrapreneurs & Intrapreneurs Orbiting the Firm

Intrapreneurs the "internal" entrepreneurs of an organization. They stay within the "safe" cocoon of the organization, nevertheless they often cross departmental boundaries to find the ways to solve current challenges.

GordonMacKenzie, author of "Orbiting the Giant Hairball" mentions a similar behavior, called "orbiting the hairball" meaning that even as you work as one of many in your organization you don't let you suck in by organizational culture rather stay in the meantime on your own vision/passion and coupled to the organization at same time.

WilliSchroll, futurist blogger, on Twitter what if a global enterprise with 400.000 employees would move to 100.000 and an extended crowd sourcing concept.

Interesting idea, and by far not out of sight if you think of 300.000 extrapreneurs spreading the seeds of IBM networks, knowledge around the globe without the "foot chain" of the corporation.

Would you allow your best folks to orbit outside the corporation? What is the trust level that would enable you to do that?
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