Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Arts, Science & Business - brewing the future together

As I have written earlier in my posts around my personal experience at Semperoper (the local opera house in Dresden) performances, especially Semperoper Ballett performances, there is a strong connection between performing arts, science, and business (including education) and a "delicious" combination when put together right.

Arts is meant to be a "provoking and mind opening" facilitation ground to bring new thinking and innovation to kickstart. Semperoper intendant Dr. Ulrike Hessler in a recent interview given to Deutsche Welle Culture said, "If opera is good, that's the place to go if you want to experience strong emotions". "Strong emotions", that's when innovative thinking sneaks from the ground of hidden consciousness. Getting the thoughts across disciplinary boundaries and getting into the dialog beyond into the world that is outside the opera house, is what will bring future value in the community (and well beyond).

Recently this topic has been also taken into account in Silicon Valley, where BiblioTech2011 takes place and will be live-streamed and soon available on YouTube as Vivek Wadhwa a tech-entrepreneur and academic at Silicon Valley posted on Facebook and Twitter recently (check out his blog for more background on his work in the field).

Due to the fact that the ensembles of the science research institute and the ensembles of the internationally well known Semperoper ensembles (whether orchestra, singing or ballet dance) are pretty much multi-international set by members, I take the courage to bring this thought out in English. It may be disturbing the local crowd but isn't it "provoking" your emotions that makes us rethink our current actions and thinking?

The third part of the above "equation" of driving the future innovations in Saxony (or perhaps in more general terms anywhere around the globe) is engaging the business world. Here especially the local business on an SME size are the ones that will make the difference in the "game".

Tolerance - Talent - Technology - it's all here in Dresden, Saxony, as well as in Silicon Valley, and elsewhere whether India, Botswana (a dear friend is doing a great job over there transforming the country), or Australia (where gamification of business is strong). Only we have to put on the stove and get the menu out (TOGETHER).
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