Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013-01-01 ... the Lookout, and Lookback

What do you want to achieve?

... nothing has changed in general from the last post in 2011

Where have I been?

Looking back on 2012 quite a bit has happened, despite finding a decently paid job seems more of a challenge as ever thought. Having reached the age of 47, and accumulated quite a bit of knowledge, and wisdom over the course of four decades puts oneself into a peculiar situation. Nevertheless not stopping to apply for job openings (around the world actually), and at the same time working on creating my own job.

What happened that over the course of the year I got invited as tech blogger at various conferences here in Dresden, Freiberg, and got even an invite as keynote speaker in the Western part of Germany a few minutes short of France.

- DATE 12, Dresden
- IEEE Time Technology Machine, and Twitter Story, Dresden
- Kick-Off World Forum of Universities of Resources on Sustainability, and blog post, Freiberg
- 7th Silicon Saxony Day, Dresden
- SEMICON Europa 2012, Dresden
- Symposium Change to Kaizen, and Interview, and talk slides , Bad Dürkheim

While on the job hunt, an opportunity opened up in July at the Lean Management Institut. What looked like a lean job application at its best in the beginning with fast small action, and a more than perfect first interview evolved into a learning project into group dynamics. To the present day the application process has not finished, which has given me a big lesson for the future: a single person in the system seldom decides alone, all depends on the context.

My application for Singularity University's #GSP12 was quite a challenge, putting myself on the line and explain why oneself would be the right person to attend the 10-week technology & entrepreneur bootcamp, is by its own a learning challenge.

... there are many more smaller little dots that shape the bigger picture, to name a few in short:

Where I am now?

... on the edge to something, but it is not quite clear what exactly.

Where would I like to go?

Working on bringing the strings together to make the envisioned startup accelerator in Dresden a reality soon, helping Angeli - Italienische Leckereien to become well acknowledged in Dresden, and with Rainer Wasserfuhr's development of AngelisShop.

In general work on making the vision from 2010 reality in Dresden: boosting the entrepreneurial eco-system across communities

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL - may your own dreams, and goals become either reality, or big steps ahead towards making in 2013 :-)

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