Friday, March 25, 2011

Why the Heck do I wake up at 6 AM?

A mere 20 minutes ago my mind got sort of crazy, "Why the Heck have I woken up now?". 6 AM and still an hour to sleep. I hesitated to catch my Apple to check my mails an see what my American friends, but shortly after 6 I then did. Amongst the emails on of OttoScharmer, who had posted on Presencing Community.

It is an ongoing conversion in a fresh group, called Hot Spots of Transformation, where people of the Presencing Community share their collective reasoning.

Without adding anything I would like to share what OttoScharmer wrote in this group just a couple of minutes ago:

" i wonder what the partial meltdown of the fukushima reactor has sparked in our minds -- what has been clarified for all of us? do you have any observation or reflection on that?"

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